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Here's a few reasons why people love us

The students and staff absolutely loved the concert and positive messages. The music and narrative reinforced the exact themes of our character education program, which support acceptance, empathy and respect. Thank you, again, and we hope you can visit our school again!


Erik parks, Memorial School, NJ


I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our students and teachers!  The children called it "the best assembly ever" and thanked me for asking you to visit us.  Teachers had a blast watching their students enjoy your music and movement.  Your group's message was engaging and inspirational!  Your music and dance was fantastic!  I was so impressed with your ability to make everything "current", yet so appropriate for the age group of our students.  Bravo!!!!  You have great talent and a wonderful ability to connect with your audience.  We will definitely be telling others about you and will be asking you back soon! 

Elizabeth Coene, Klem Road South School, NY

This was hands down the best program covering the topics described on your website (respect, anti bullying, following your passion in life, and responsibility). Thanks for sharing your message and talents with our school.

Kim Bembenek, Dawson school, MA

Your message was spot on for our students. We were thrilled!

Mary Shaffer, Monroe School, CO

We were pleased to receive such positive feedback from our staff and student body both during and after the performances. The energy and message sent to the students was well received. We would highly recommend your assembly!

Emily Billing, Mohawk School District, PA

We were SO impressed by this show. The dancing and singing was amazing, the energy of the show matched what our students needed, and the anti-bullying message at the end was extremely powerful. You could hear a pin drop.

Jennifer Ellsperman Basalt Middle School, CO

It was the perfect way to conclude our month focusing on respecting ourselves and standing up for others. So exciting for the students and the impact it made.  


Shelley Roberts, River Ridge School, TX


Everyone loved the show! The students and teachers raved out it. Your stories and energy were inspiring. Thank you again and we will be sure to recommend you to others.


Cindy Kramer, Cortlandt Manor, NY


We LOVED the show. I have referred to your message many times with the students and this assembly is one that they will never forget! If schools are looking to share the anti-bullying/perseverance message, this assembly is the answer!


Beth Hellpap, Columbus Elementary, WI


I can honestly say not only was it the best assembly I've been to in my teaching career, but the students felt the same. After leaving, the buzz in the hallways were alive with whispers of, "That was the coolest thing I've ever seen" and "BEST assembly ever!!!" Your message is an important one and I am so grateful for people like you in this world who make these important conversations accessible for all students. Not only accessible, but FUN! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Sarah Ambrosecchia, Furnace Woods School, NY


The students and staff really enjoyed the assembly. Thank you for sharing your positive and empowering message with us.


Joanie Lodico Maple Grove School, CO


It was a VERY high energy performance with a great message! Our students and staff were up out of their chairs! The message was very engaging and a very different format from a powerpoint urging students to live healthy lifestyles and make good choices. Thank you so much!!!!!


Marilee Close, Bald Eagle Area School District, PA


Our kids and teachers loved it!!


Callie Brown, Peavy School TX


Students said it was the best assembly ever! After seeing you perform, they also looked at you as rock stars, and they hung on your every word! It's also great to hear from parents that they were sharing about the assembly with them. That says a lot when they go home and share with their parents! Thanks so much for your story and coming to share with us!


Patty Morris, South Prairie IA



Your dance skills were amazing and entertaining. Your message was educational and inspiring. The students and staff enjoyed the show immensely!


Lila Kosciolek , Lebanon School NJ


Thanks for everything! Your interactive message hit home with our students because the music and energy gave it relevance in their own lives. Most assembly speakers talk at students for 45 to 60 minutes, while yours delivered an important message by bringing students together to express themselves through music and dance.


Boone Tollefson, Fennimore Middle and High School, WI


Our students enjoyed the energy of the show and the message. You have given them courage to stand up for themselves and others!


Tabatha Class, New Miami School, OH


Be yourself, be kind to others and treat them how you'd want to be treated, find your talent and make it a passion, and take the time to care of yourself and your body. The list of things we learned from your 45 minutes are endless! High energy, enthusiasm, pure talent. My school community was so lucky to have you!


Konstantina Hernandez, Franklin School NJ


The program was entertaining and the kids loved it! Many of my students made comments to me about how much they enjoyed your show! I would recommend you to any middle school or high school!


Steve Morrow, Whitewright High School, TX

The messages that were shared by you and your dancers was right on target. By sharing your talents and true, real-life, relatable experiences, students and staff were able to relate. This was one of the best POSITIVE assemblies that we have had in a long time. We look forward to bringing you back again in future years.

Nicole Dull,  Conemaugh School, PA

What a GREAT assembly! The feedback from both students and faculty was that this assembly was amazing. The students absolutely loved watching the team perform and also enjoyed the message of being Ready, Respectful and Responsible. Students are still talking about the assembly! I left a positive impression on everyone that attended.


Eric Bucci, Indian Lane School, IN

The program was entertaining and the students loved it! Many of my students made comments to me about how much they enjoyed your show! I would recommend you to any school!

Steve Morrow, Whitewright High, TX

Your program was wonderful. One student in fourth grade came up to me later that day so excited and said, “That program changed my life.” She has been having a very difficult time at home and having some anxiety and depression. She has been a different child since. The students are still talking about it. The program itself was the right amount of entertainment and teaching. The teachers have said nothing but kind words about the program.


Jennifer B. Barringer, Mathews School, GA

Thank you so much for coming our way! Every penny was well spent! Your message was exactly what our kids needed and you delivered in such a motivating and inspirational way!


Norma Hughes, Mary Harper Middle, TX

Thank you for such an awesome performance! My students were engaged and really enjoyed the performance. The personal conflicts that you shared were point on, exactly the areas where we deal with the most problems in our school. Thank you so much for coming and performing. We would definitely love to have you guys to come back. 


Cheryll Price, Spring Creek School, NC

Everyone loved the assembly and had so much fun! I have students telling me this is the best assembly we've ever had. You're energy is contagious and your message is amazing! I really think it resonated with the kids. Please keep doing what you do. This is exactly what kids need to hear and the way you present it to them gets on their level and keeps them interested ... all while getting them pumped up and having a great time!


Amanda Jolly, Burke School, MA  

The assembly was exactly in line with our school-wide positive behavior system. We teach the students to be ready, respectful, and responsible. Your message was on point with our school expectations and the energy you brought to the room excited the students about your message. Thank you again for coming and I would certainly recommend your assembly to other schools.


John Reid, Glenwood School, PA

The crew brought a positive message with extreme energy and music. Their personal stories reinforced to students to stay positive, believe in yourself, and know how much your family and true friends love and support you. Thanks team!


Linda Patterson, Califon School, NJ

We really enjoyed having you present at our school. One of our students actually told me that you guys need to come every month- he loved the performance! I specifically love that your message about not bullying and staying true to yourself is so clear and everyone understands. Amazing! Thank you thank you!! I can’t wait to have you guys back!


 Allison Donnelly, Walnut Street Middle School, NJ

The dance team put on the perfect performance to help my students celebrate Unity Day and Bullying Prevention Month. It was not the typical “you shouldn’t bully” speech that students have heard so many times before. They were authentic and real, sharing about their experiences with bullying and self-doubt and how they overcame these obstacles. Most importantly, their message made an impact on my students. One of my teachers was nearly brought to tears when one of her students asked if she could sit and talk with him and another student. He realized he hadn’t been very kind and wanted a chance to apologize to him. Wow! Thank you, dance team!


Amanda Palmer, Fogelsville School, PA

Your assembly was right on point with our student population. Several students and teachers said it was the BEST ASSEMBLY we ever had! All grades loved it; very entertaining, current, and meaningful. I already passed your contact info on to a neighboring school. We’re all rooting for you!

Stephanie DiBartolo, West End School, NJ


So many adjectives have been used today to describe your show! It was…... amazing, awesome, incredible, energetic, interactive, fun and inspirational. Thanks again for sharing your talents and stories with our students! We loved having you!

Erin Haher Forest Ave School, MA

Vital Dance Crew presents a positive message about self-esteem with energy and professionalism! The crew is REAL and honest with their audience! They were an inspiration to our students and parents. As a music professional I highly recommend their singing and dancing! Your students will be positively charged to face a sometimes lonely and scary world! Excellent! 

 Terri Spencer Perry Local High School Lima OH


The dance team provided an outstanding assembly for our Middle School students! It was dynamic and interactive and our kids haven't stopped talking about it! The music and dancing kept everyone entertained and the positive messages were highlighted throughout the performance. We would strongly recommend this Dance Crew for your next school assembly!!!

 Jennifer Steele Broadalbin-Perth Middle School NY

The message, combined with the dancing and music, was right on the money with our student body!  A senior boy commented that your presentation was the best one he attended while in our school district.  Comments from student and staff echoed that.  Great music, outstanding dancing and an honest conversation about how bullying affected you and the dancers was just what our school needed to reinforce our message about bullying and respecting others.  Thank you for bringing New York to Cambridge!

Keith Schneider, Cambridge High school WI

Thank you so very much for the fantastic performance you gave at our school! Students, teachers, and administrators were engaged, excited, and inspired by your positive messages. Your entire crew was professional, energetic, and the information you shared with students was relevant and meaningful. You know you chose a wonderful show when students come and thank you for it, and that's just what many of our students did! We have recommended this Dance Crew to other schools in Ware County, and hope they will experience your talents first hand! 

The Staff at Williams Heights Elementary School GA

Thank you for delivering an exciting and inspiring performance to our students. Your message was right on point and clearly resonated with our students based on our reflection activities. Students referred to "standing up for one another" and "not giving up" among other things. It was amazing how you transformed Memorial School into a concert for a cause. The show was spectacular, your songs are inspirational, and we could not have kicked off our first-ever Character Education Day any better! Thank you!

Steven Pellegrino, Memorial School NJ 

Your Dance Crew was a wonderful crew to have come into our school! Not only was J professional and very easy to work with, the performance registered with our students - we didn't have a single office referral that day! If you are looking for a way to promote the visual arts along with a positive message about being kind and accepting to one another, I definitely recommend this Dance Crew!​ 

Danelle Schmid, Boscobel Elementary, WI 

 Outstanding assembly!  Great dancing and music, students were able to move and get involved.  Best part was hearing the stories from the dancers of their personal experiences with bullying and how they overcame them.

Staff of Little Britian Elementary, NY


I just wanted to reach out to thank you again for an amazing and inspiring performance this morning. I wish you could see how your messages and your energy continued to course their way through our school all day today. Kids danced, sang and thanked me all day long for bringing you to our school. You have made a difference for many, many students and the adults who love them. Your courage and talents are truly inspiring. Thanks for sharing them with us!

Elizabeth Linares Woodcrest Spanish Immersion School MN 


 Thank YOU so much for your professionalism. The heart and soul that you and your performers put into the time that you were here impressed me through and through. The kids were so engaged and so activated by your enthusiasm and message. It was awesome to experience. 

Jerene Stephenson, Lakeside Elementary and Middle, CA


We loved your show today! We are inspired and are so thankful for your passion!

Rosanne Spadaro Clifton School 1, NJ 


Thank you so much for coming!! You guys did a great job and the students loved your performance.  As a principal, you know you did a good job picking a show for them when they come and thank you for doing it.  Again, thanks and good luck in the future!


Steve Hauger, Principal Princeton Community High School


 The students and staff loved having you and the crew! Many students and staff thought that the message was empowering, and the show was unlike anything they had ever seen.

Briana Bartoszewski, ASA Middle WI


Our school was fortunate to have your Dance Crew come and share an amazing performance. 

The crew shared brief, relevant, personal stories of having been bullied in school. They shared the experience of learning to be unique individuals. The Crew energized our entire school body.  It was invigorating and refreshing to have the crew include the student body in the movement and music. The crew shared songs we knew and a couple they have written.  Our special needs students enjoyed the performance as much as the rest of the student body; everyone ROCKED-OUT! It is our sincere hope to have the Crew return to Trinity County, California. Thank you and keep up the inspiring work of helping students enjoy being unique! 


Van Duzen Teaching Staff


Thank you so much for the wonderful performances you gave at our school!  The students and teachers were engaged, energized and entertained!  We all enjoyed the positive messages presented by the crew, as they were relevant and relatable to both children and adults.  So happy we booked you!

The Staff of Ballantyne Elementary
Vital Dance Crew puts on a fantastic show.  Not only was it  energetic, but it was motivating and inspirational.  Our students have been talking about it ever since. The message was strong and well received.  

Elke Luftig, Summit Middle School NJ

The students absolutely loved the performance! They were so engaged through the dancing and singing that they truly respected the message that you delivered regarding bullying and being a bystander. This is a great opportunity that you provide for students!

Amanda Hall, Goins Elementary School WY

Our students and faculty loved the show!

Anne Gilmartin, Abbey Kelley School, MA

Thank you so much for your outstanding performance at Western Hills Middle School.  We received a lot of positive feed back not only from students but also from teachers who enjoyed your performance.  The personal stories that each of the crew shared with the audience regarding their experiences in middle school had a profound effect on our students.  Students have either experienced bullying themselves or have been "bystanders" to bullying incidents.  We are so glad that you addressed that it is everyone's responsibility to stop bullying.  Your crew truly served as positive role models.  Thank you again for sharing your talents and experiences with our school.

Lisa DeMaria Mayne School Counselor/Guidance RI

I received such wonderful feedback from my students and the staff. I believe that it is so important for us to remember that it's not enough to just "educate" our students; we need to help them find a way to nourish their souls through finding their passion, whether it's pursuing the arts, writing, martial arts, etc. You definitely helped to convey that message about trying new things to find what you are good at and pursuing that passion. One of my students told me this morning that he thought the whole program was directed specifically at him! I noticed how very attentive the entire student body was as you shared your experiences.   Thank you again! I will highly recommend you to all of my colleagues in other schools! Have a wonderful, safe and productive tour! 

 Maureen Malecki, West Ampton Middle, NJ

The kids are still talking about your assembly in my classes.  I wanted to say thanks for coming to our small town and bringing a powerful message.

Matthew Swanson, Leeds Elementary School ND

Wow! What an amazing message and performance. The students and faculty loved it! Thank you for visiting our school.

Brandi Gruchow, ISD Schools, MN

Thanks for coming to Indiana!  Our students in K-12 truly enjoyed your interactive performance and the kids learned some valuable lessons.

Dawn Mitchell, Rockville IN

They were  a joy to work with! They responded to all communication quickly, explained everything thoroughly, and were nothing but professional. The students were still talking about the Friday performance on Monday morning. Thanks for a successful assembly.


Desiree Peterson, Copperas Cove TX

I just wanted to send a quick email and say again how AWESOME the show was!  The entire school thought it was spectacular. We would LOVE for you to return next year!

Michelle Fisler, Deptford NJ

Thank you Dance Crew for your exhilarating performance.  Our high school students were talking about the energy and outstanding dance ability of your team, as well as the positive message they received on being proud of who they are and standing up against bullying, for days after the performance.  Your performance had the exact impact on our students that we were hoping for.  We cannot thank you enough. 

Marcia Hester Fort Lupton High School, CO

Staff and students at Boone (Iowa) Middle School were appreciative of the way J and his dance crew weaved their positive messages into their music. We didn't feel like someone was lecturing to us or telling us what to do and what not to do. They were entertaining while touching our hearts with their stories.

Susan Gradoville, Boone Middle School IA

This assembly was wonderfully interactive. It was great to observe students smiling, clapping, and dancing. Most importantly, the message the dancers gave about finding a passion and being yourself was wonderful. Students experienced a very powerful anti-bullying message.

Tracie Michalowski Principal PA

I would highly recommend this Dance Crew for an assembly. Our schools loved the performance and the amazing songs. The message for respecting yourself and others was clear and the kids really took away that even though they are only one person they can make a huge difference in someone's life. The message was well received and we are looking forward to having them back!"

Allison Donnelly, PTO NJ

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the interactive presentation that integrated a great message about how to be successful and treat each other.  The message firmly backed our character education program based on the four agreements.  The students clearly received the message to stand up for each other is important.

Trish Kenyon, Principal Bloomingdale NY

Great job!  I appreciate your message to our students.  Thanks for sharing you own stories and experience.

 Dwight Ashley, Principal, Rockville IN

 Just want to say our students LOVED your performance.  Your message was great and I did see students react to what was being said.  My 9-12 students were continuing to talk about the performance throughout the day.  Again, we loved the show and thanks for coming to our school.

Kim Foster Danville Junior and Senior High AR

Your show was pure high energy and dynamite!  

Leroy Courts  Southside Middle School WV 

Thank you for coming to our school and performing. The students really enjoyed your show and couldn't stop talking about it all day. Thank you for your message, and I want to wish you and your crew safe travels!!

Mikal Shalikow  Superintendent of Newman Grove Public Schools NE

I was so impressed with your ability to reach our students! You hooked them first with your music and dance and then they were completely open to listen to your message! Thank you for reaching out to this age group with words that are much needed in a relevant way!

Jennifer Burke, Wood Dale Junior High IL

Thank you so much for your amazing performances at the Butler Middle School.  We had a tough week to say the least & your positive energy was just what the moral needed to end on a high note.  I will definitely be promoting you to all the schools in the District
I thought you were outstanding & really appreciate the effort you put into giving our students a memorable show.

 Kaley Dee Butler Middle School MA

You and your group of dancers/performers are totally awesome!!! I know the kids enjoyed it, and the message I feel was right on track.

Sherry Rasmuson Gilbert Int TX

Thank you guys! The shows were absolutely wonderful and our students and staff had a ball!!

Chere Brown Youth Middle School GA

We had a great time hosting J and his crew!  It was clear that they are very passionate about their art and their message.  They were able to connect with our student body while singing and his message of finding who you are and being yourself really hit home.  Overall, the  performance was a fun and powerful assembly that echoed our core values and resonated with the student body!

Mark Navins ,Dean of Students The Knox School NY

Thanks so much for your assembly! The kids loved it and it was a great start to our bullying program. 

Andrea Card  Carlinville Middle School IL

Thank you so much for performing at LHS and LMS. The students really enjoyed it and of course, the message was great.

Jamie Gordon, Loveland HS OH

Thank you for your performance at Daniel Webster this morning! I haven't heard one negative review! All the kids went home and told their parents how much fun they had at your assembly and the message they got from it. Thank you again!


Shannon Bowen Webster Elementary MA

The performance was great!! What was amazing was that all the "cool" 8th graders loved it!  You had them up and dancing out of their seats! Great energy and professional performance! Thanks so much!!   

Tina Bardwell Herberg Middle School Pittsfield MA 

Your Dance crew presented a high energy dance performance that included positive messages addressing respect, tolerance, kindness and anti-bullying. The students could be heard as far away as the football field cheering! The show was a huge hit with students and staff alike!

Laura Galgoci, Riverside Middle/Elementary School NJ

The Dance Crew is energetic, fun and engaging! Not only do they come ready to put on a show, but their choreography and artistic approach to sending out the bigger message is one to admire! I was amazed how engaged my students were during the entire show! As soon as the performance was over, the students asked if we could bring them in next year. Everyone from my 9th graders to 12th graders walked away with valuable information and new dance moves!

Ms. Meryem Ibrahim, School Counselor NY

Your positive energy was contagious throughout the school all day.   I have already recommended you to my colleagues at the other 2 buildings.  This was one of our best assemblies with such a powerful message!

Jill Bonacio Pashley School, NH

Our students really enjoyed the high energy show that your dance crew put on for them.  It was obvious that all the dancers were passionate about what they do.  He also made himself available to speak with students after the program and really made one of our student's day by spending some time with him.  

 Scott Miller South Vermillion Middle School IN  
Your performance today was AWESOME!  PERFECT!  The students really enjoyed it and your message was right on target. GREAT JOB.  Hope to have you perform again in the future!

 Kim Gooch  
Community Education/21st Century Project Director Wayne County Schools Monticello, KY 

The kids really enjoyed it and the teachers said the message was a positive one that kids could relate to.

Cathleen Henshaw Baldwin Fuquay-Varina Middle School, NC   

The assembly this week was AWESOME! Our students grades 5-8 enjoyed your performance. It was a perfect kick-off for our state assessments. Your message to our students after your performance was both moving and meaningful. Keep up the great program.  

David Blakley Lakeview Middle School PA 

I just wanted to say thank you for your fabulous performance at Cresskill Middle School!!  It's hard to keep 6th, 7th, and 8th graders entertained simultaneously but you guys did just that.  Students and staff were clapping and singing along, and they raved about it afterward.  I loved your message  - my students needed to hear that they should be PROUD to be an individual.  Too often they want to be exactly like everyone else. I also loved that you encouraged them to find their passion and pursue it.  It was great to hear personal stories from you and your dancers about how you felt as middle school students, and the issues you struggled with.  I'm sure it hit home for many of our kids.  Combining such a great message with current popular music and incredible dancing made it easy for our kids to hear what you were trying to say.  I will absolutely recommend this show to my colleagues!

 Cathy White, 
LCSW Student Assistance Counselor Cresskill Public Schools, NJ  

I want to take the time once again to thank you for the great performance at IS230.  All students and staff enjoyed the show.  You and your crew are a great role model.  The principal also spoke very highly of the performance and looks forward to having you again.  I wish them the best!!!!

Angelina Beato Guidance Counselor I.S. 230 NY

Thank you so much for a wonderful performance.  It had a significant impact on the students.  Most of them were talking about it all day.  Hope to see you next year.

Elizabeth Yarmy Dean PS 194 

Just wanted to thank the three of you for making a couple of minutes in your busy schedule to meet some kids after the show today. I know it meant a lot to them, They'll remember today for a very long time. Thanks again!

 Kerry Slocum, Asst. Principal @ Pioneer HS NY  

Thank you for coming to our school.  The students here at Herndon Middle thoroughly enjoyed your performance.  The performance energized and entertained both students and staff alike.  The popular music chosen really engaged our students throughout the performance.  The personal messages that you shared spoke to our Anti-bullying campaign and the message we wanted students to hear.  Thank you for being part of Herndon Middle School as we kick off our Stand Up to Bullying week.  We would highly recommend the Dance Crew to anyone interested in conveying this important message.

 Samantha Andrews Herndon Middle School VA  

The students and adults raved about the energetic dancing and positive messages you brought to our school. It was the perfect end to our day and you helped make it memorable. Thank you! 

Andrea McCallum Fairview Veterans Memorial Middle School MA  

The students loved your performance and were therefore open to hearing your message at the end!

Deb Sandburg  Jack Jackter Inter, CT  
I attended the Northwestern Middle School performance.  I am the EBD teacher and I loved your music and talk with the students. I work with these students daily and they need to hear from wonderful guys like you.  Best of luck! 

Mrs. Beck  Maple WI 
Your music and moves were marvelous and your varied testimonials for success will be meaningful! You were a joy to have and we wish you the best as you continue to bring positive words to other students 

Monica Smith  Maryville Middle School PAC, Maryville TN  
I want to thank you for a wonderful program!!  Your high energy performance kept our students engaged and tuned in!  The message delivered by your crew encouraged our students to be the best they can be, make wise choices, and stressed that diversity should be welcomed!!  They talked with me through out the day about overcoming obstacles and finding your dream and following it.  Good things happen when you don’t give up. Staff and students came away energized and lots of positive comments about the performance.  We are so glad you were a part of our year. You all were awesome. 

Glenna Stamps  Dean of Students West Central Valley Middle School, IA  
We loved your show today.  We enjoyed the lessons you told us, the clothes, the messages and the dances.

Julie Samuels, Hillsdale NJ  
Amazing show! Thanks again for what you do.  The kids loved it and the message was so powerful and positive!! 

Shalagh Oneill  Glen Crest Middle School, IL  

Everyone enjoyed the lively performance, especially the stories that were shared at the end; you could hear a pin drop among the 444 students who were listening.  I have no doubt that your performance made a lasting impression among our students.

Nora Selinger Mystic Middle Mystic CT   
Thank you for an outstanding performance – the staff and students LOVED it!

Katie Witzeling  North Cape School, WI 

You were a HUGE hit. Hope to see you back again one day.

Cari Klemme  JB Young Intermediate Davenport IA 

You visited our school today in Millerstown, Pa and I teach sixth grade and they were so thrilled with your program.  Excellent Job!  Even we "old folks" had a great time.  Thank you for all the positive encouragement you give to the students.  If you touched even just one student with your message then it was all worth it.  My son is 5 and he loved how you danced. Thanks again for all you do to make this world a better place.

Joan Greenwood Millerstown PA 

You and your dancers put on another outstanding performance. You all brought your "A Game" and treated my students to an energetic and inspiring performance! Best of luck as your performance season continues and we hope to have you back again.

Robert Garry  Principal Northeast Middle School Bristol, CT 

We enjoyed your program very much. The students didn’t want it to stop! You shared a very positive, essential message that was meaningful to any student. We’d love to have you visit again.

Judi Sigler  Elkhorn Valley Schools,NE 

Thanks again for coming to MS 158!! Middle Schoolers can be a tough crowd, but the kids enjoyed it! My 12 year old said it was "cool" and I also heard that the high energy showed got everyone "up and in a good mood.
I will spread the word!

Bonnie Bromberg MS 158, NY
I have seen many, many presenters in my work here and also in substance abuse prevention for nearly 20 years.  I must say that you are at the top of my list.  Wonderful energy, message and performance. The kids loved you and your dancers.  Teachers were impressed.   I hope you will be able to return next year.  Thank you again.

Deb Stewart Camanche Middle School Camanche, IA 
Thank you for a great job today! The students liked the performance very much, and the message was very clear. The administration and teachers were very impressed. We all loved it :) Thanks again!  

Alison Merritt Beach Park Middle School IL
I want to thank you for coming to Otto-Eldred and doing your presentation.  I received a number of positive comments.  Your message was very good and the students were completely absorbed into your show.  Congratulations on orchestrating a tremendous display of talent.  I wish you the best on your tour.

Harley Ramsey Principal Otto-Eldred School PA
Thank you for your very energizing and exciting program.  The stories shared about how the members of your crew overcame difficult situations was excellent.

Susan Carlson South hall middle Flowery Branch, GA 
You were awesome! Our students are still talking about the performance!

William Brown Principal Milan Middle School, Milan MI

As District Director of Fine Arts, its hard to find "quality" assemblies for our students.  This program exceeded the standards not only in the high energy performance, but in the positive message about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, staying in school and the importance of advancing your education. It was definitely a program that high school students can relate to.  Without question, I would recommend this program to any school district small or large.  BRAVO!

Richard P. Weber 
Director of Fine Arts Carthage Central Schools Carthage, New York  

Thank you for your amazing performance! Having your dance troupe perform at Middle School 88 is by far and away the best use of an assembly period ever. The students were totally enthralled with your performance, and the message that you and your dancers send about following your dreams and working as hard as possible is fantastic. Besides the singing and dancing, one of my favorite parts was when you and your troupe spoke to the assembly and ALL of you mentioned that you finished high school AND college. That was something that our students NEEDED to hear. I look forward to you returning to our school in the future and I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND your dance troupe to any middle school. You had the complete control and attention of over 300 students for a full 45 minute assembly. Your program builds their awareness of the performing arts "and the importance of a proper education. Well done!

Jeremy Rosenzweig Middle School 88 - Brooklyn,NY 
I heard lots of positive feedback on your reinforcement of positive self esteem and the need to continue education beyond high school. The teachers were all pleased to hear that your troupe has choosen to further their education, but continue to do what they love--dance. Our students, from 5th graders to 8th graders, were thrilled by your performance, most were just bouncing in their seats like they wanted to jump up and join you. Again, thank you for the fun and educational show you gave to our students and staff at CHARIHO.

Linda Carpenter CHARIHO Middle School, RI
This Dance Crew is the real deal!   J  combines a high-energy performance with a high-impact message about finding and pursuing one's dreams through that is PERFECT for young people.  For educators looking for a fresh way to reach out to their students, this assembly is perfect.  Our students LOVED it!

John Carpenter Principal-Collegiate School, CT
For each performance, students were represented by the following programs; ESL, Special Education, General Education, and Gifted Education.  I was so moved when Ms. G., (Special Educator), asked if her students could remain for the final performance because they enjoyed the second one so much. You agreed to align the performance to the Physical Education/Olympics Project the students were working to complete.  You did so very eloquently.  The students were able to address the team effort and the discipline that must come with planning for the Olympics.  They were able to also see that college is an important entity in the lives of performers also.In closing, I congratulate you and the Dance Crew for a job well done. I look forward to the returning performances.

Kim West JHS 157,NY
Thank you so much for coming to our school! I appreciate the wonderful songs you performed that had a nice message about believing in yourself, doing your best and being happy! In all my years of teaching, this was by far the best assembly! Come back soon!

Mrs Price Oakleaf GA

Thank you for your amazing, energetic and motivated performance.  The message you sent and gave the students during and after your performance was inspiring.  For three back to back shows {serving 880 of our students}, the energy was as if your guys only performed one show. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Mrs. Peterson I.S 10 Queens, NY 
Thank you for a wonderful performance. Our students enjoyed your dance arrangements and familiar music. Your understanding of the adolescent was obvious in this creative presentation. The students enjoyed singing and clapping along to the music. They especially loved the question and answer portion at the end of the show. I hope we can arrange another performance or activity in which your company can join us once again.

Gail Rosenberg, Assistant Principal M.S.51
Your performance rocked! We love you!

 Karen Lawrence Faculty Springfield Middle GA 
Thank you for the energetic performance last week. Students and staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance as evidenced by their participation. I hope you will consider visiting us again

 Joanne Nabors Principal Brownsville Academy High School  

All my teachers came up and told me this was the best performing arts assembly we ever had.  I am so grateful to you for coming and doing such a wonderful job!!!!!Best of luck and I do hope to work with you again.

Licia Murrell  Mcclesky MS, GA
THANK YOU  so very much for coming to Leola.  We LOVED your show and as I said, it tied right into our Red Ribbon Week, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids, Bullying Prevention, etc. We could not have asked for more!  Many of your personal stories also resonated with things that our kids are going through. THANK YOU AGAIN!  

Colleen Pavolovec Leola School PA
"Our students couldn't stop talking about how great it was, and how much they loved your music and your stories!  I've heard nothing but wonderful feedback from the teachers and students today, and we cannot wait to have you back.  I think you're all extremely talented, and I wish you all the best of luck - hope to see you in Naples sometime again!"

Julie Austin Naples School NY

I wanted to thank you personally from our elementary school! We truly enjoyed your performance and message! My students are still talking about it! 

Amy Brunsting Cherokee IA

We do sincerely appreciate your visit to FHES and we are gladly spreading the word about your performance to fellow schools.  What an amazing performance!  Our students are still talking about it!  Thanks again and we hope you have continued success with spreading your positive message.  

Timothy Hardin, Forest Heights Elementary NC
Thank you so much for the amazing performance!!  The children and teachers were so excited and enjoyed it very much.  In fact, one of my 8th grade teachers told me that she never saw one of her students be so attentive to anything!  I will absolutely be recommending you to my colleagues!!!

Patricia Finn Principal MS 42 NY

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful presentation.  The high energy and motivational words sustained the school long after your visit.  Thank you for the powerful message and for sharing your journey.  I am certain it will remain in the hearts and minds of both our teachers and students alike.

Michele Feuerstein, Assistant Principal P.S. 133, Q. NY

I just want to thank you again for your wonderful performance and message yesterday morning.  You guys are very talented and gracious to spend your time traveling the country trying to help our young people.  The students and adults loved it!  

Gina Nichols Gilmer Middle School GA

I can not thank you enough for the wonderful job that the  Dance Crew did for our school.  It was so successful and helpful in every way.  We hope to have you back again in the future. 

Edward Glauser Loganville MS GA
I have to say we were blessed to have you perform at our school, during Red Ribbon Week. Your performance was amazing, entertaining and off the charts!! We want to thank you for encouraging and uplifting our students and for sharing your testimonies with all 1000 of our students and staff. You definitely touched our hearts and impacted our students for a lifetime. We cannot wait to see you next year!! 

Paula Stone  SMS PTA President Fort Mill, SC  
I loved your message, your dancing and your attitude! The kids had a wonderful time watching you perform and I think they took a lot away about believing in themselves. Thanks so much for coming to our school. I hope to see you again real soon. I wish you all the luck in the world on your business. It's important to all.


Michele Vulcano Lincoln Street School MA
The students truly enjoyed your show and many students wrote about the assembly and the message you gave 

Michael Quigley Somersworth NH 

Our administrators loved your assembly program and felt your message was extremely important.  Your show is so dynamic and it really keeps the middle school audience engaged.  Thank you for bringing your program to our school.  There were a few other schools that did preview your program this morning and gave it rave reviews.


Nancy Bartkus Plainedge NY

The Dance Crew performed at East Lee on October 31st to wrap up our Red Ribbon Week celebrations. J and his dancers blew us away! Their choreography and dance moves were top-notch and their message about making good choices and anti-bullying was inspiring, meaningful and captured the students attention. J's show was full of energy and had our students up on their feet, cheering and clapping along! From Day 1, the team was super easy to communicate with making the entire experience even better! I can't say enough good things about it! Thank you again for visiting us!

Rebecca Harris East Lee MS NC

We have had different assemblies at the school, but I have never seen such a wonderful response as I did for your performance.  The message you present is needed in every school of course, but the way you are able to get it across to the children makes all the difference.  Not only did they get the anti-bullying message, they also got to experience their first concert.  There was excitement all day from the teachers and the students.  The teachers continued to tell my Principal how much they loved the assembly.  When I saw students in the hallway, they kept talking about it.  I had one student ask me, "how do you know him?"  It was great.  I cannot imagine that we would not have you back to the school because of how well received your program was to the entire school community.

 Karen Konstan PS 165 NY
Thank you very much for the tremendous show at our school.  Everyone enjoyed it and there was talk that another group would like you back for a show in our community.  I will certainly pass on all your information to the neighboring schools in hopes you may get more shows.

Raquel Norton Gilbertsville NY
Thank you and the incredible dance crew for the great presentation to Memorial Middle School students that promoted self-respect, pursuing one’s own dreams, and showing kindness and compassion towards others.  We certainly appreciated the amount of enthusiasm and high energy your dancers showed and the emotional component they conveyed to the students. It is valuable for them to hear it from an ‘outside source’ especially one that related to young adults as your group does. Great concepts! You were able to create excitement in the room but also provide some great tips for implementing strategies as well. You did a phenomenal job of relating your experience to our students as well as our seasoned advisors. 

Gary Floyd  Principal Memorial Middle School NJ  
Loved your show! Our students are not easily impressed and they loved the entire program! Thank you!

Ms Sessing PS 43 NY 
We thank YOU for being available for the kick-off program!  It was a big success and you are a very cool performer, and so are your dancers.  Great positive energy and important message.    

 Liesbeth Carballo Central Middle School CT  
I would strongly recommend this Dance Crew to all schools that want a strong anti-bullying message.  The show they put on is incredible.  It absolutely gave me chills.  The high energy show was not stop action and the message given couldn’t be more to the point.  I will have them back every year! 

 Joedy Moots Lexington High School SC  
The performance was great! The students and teachers really enjoyed it!


Jaime Viggiano Huber Street School NJ

The crew gave an awesome performance.  The students were mesmerized and learned a great deal.  One 5th grade class wrote you letters to let you know how your performance moved them.  We will definitely see you back again next year.  


 Sandra Johnson Fields Monticello NY 
Thank you so much for coming today. The feedback that we have heard so far: the kids thought the show was "amazing" and the adults were "awesome" for setting it up. :) 


 Lisa Bundrick Hoosick Falls, NY 

The MS student body and teachers thought your show  was great! Of course you could tell by the audience that your performance was one that they really loved! You know how to command an audience with your super performing skills. But one of the most important parts of the assembly was the message you and the the other dancers conveyed to the audience! Priceless!One 6th grade class yesterday thanked me for having the assembly; another student gave me a hug. Now that really made my day!


Pat Jolly, Arts Coordinator 
Miller South Visual and Performing Arts School Ohio 

I can't thank you enough for your performance, your passion and powerful message.  It is people like you that make children go for their dreams.  I have had students thanking me and writing me letters to say how much they enjoyed you, the dance crew and the experience that your performance provided.  To see my students so engaged, singing and dancing along with you, was amazing!  It feels like you sent an electric bolt of positive energy and creativity through Smithfield.  The original choreography and vocals made for an incredible experience, but the message you passed on through your lyrics and dancing connected all the dots!  Your dedication, work ethic and attitude has inspired everyone. Thanks again for a tremendous performance! Our school community in Smithfield has been uplifted.  To all school communities out there, If you have not had the Dance Crew perform for your school, you need to!  It will be a great performance and experience that your students will never forget.


Pete Marino   Physical Education Teacher Smithfield Schools RI   
You guys are a hit with the kids and have such a great message!


Sherry Allen  Gold Hill Middle School SC 
The staff and students at Parish Hill would like to thank you for visiting us.  The high energy, up beat performance really grabbed the kids attention.  Not only did you get the students singing and dancing, you had staff singing and dancing right along.  Your personal life stories and positive messages hit home with many students and was timed just right in the performance when you had all of their attention.  I would highly recommend this performance to other schools.


Marcia Mcginley 

MSWSchool Social WorkerParish Hill Middle and High School CT

Thank you for coming!  We REALLY enjoyed your performance.  The kids have asked when we could have something similar again.  All of our teachers were very impressed with your show, your message and the attention that our students gave your group.  It seems like we constantly stress the importance of following your dream and living a drug free life, but our words often go unheard.  You have a unique advantage of spreading the message in a way that kids can relate and hear.  We completed evaluations after your performance and the kids were overwhelmingly in favor of having similar programs like this in the future.  We asked the kids to sum up your message in just a few words and 95% of them were able to talk about the idea of following your dreams in a drug free manner.  Our Red Ribbon Theme was "Making footsteps worth following" and your program definitely worked to enhance our theme.  Thank you so much for bringing a little culture and a strong message to our rural town!


Rylan Smith Counselor Swainsboro Middle School GA 

The students loved the shows so thank you again for the great performances! We can hopefully work together again in the future and I will definitely spread the word!


Kim KochubaShady Grove Middle, MD 
The crew did an excellent job performing for our elementary students.  The kids were excited and had a great time.  The crew also did a nice job sending our kids the message of saying no to drugs and importance of working hard toward your goals.


Jesse Gronemeyer Elementary Principal Tri County Public Schools NE 
Thank you again for coming to Waunakee Middle School during our Red Ribbon Week. Your performance was energetic, and your message was very inspiring to the students. I will definately email you and set something up for next year during our Red Ribbon Week celebration again-this time we'll treat the Intermediate School.Thanks again!


Janae Grunow School Counselor Waunakee WI 
Thank you again for coming to our school to share your talent and words of wisdom with us. Your music and dancing were fantastic, and I appreciate the energy and strong beliefs you modeled for our students. I'd love to see another show some time!!


Susan Coode Highland middle/high IL 
Loved it!  Loved it!  Loved it!  And we got lots of positive feedback from the kids. Your show was entertaining, fun and inspiring! I don't know how you had the fortitude for 3 back-to-back shows. I'd like to thank you and your troupe for your wonderful enrichment program.


Fonda Green Northeast Middle School CT 
Vital Dance Crew are high energy, engaging, and exciting! His demonstration of a strong work ethic through creative dance and choreography helped us to reinforce to our middle level students the importance of setting goals despite the challenges of life! At the end of his presentations, students were reminded to make a commitment to setting high academic and social goals for the school year prior to signing their goal setting contracts. They are true young professionals who understand their audience and can definitely relate to young people and the challenges that they face.

Troy Monroe, Principal Illing Middle School Manchester, CT  
Thanks so much for your performance!  We really enjoyed your show and I will continue to pass the word at our schools here in Chapel Hill!!


Dawn Ruston  Culbreth Middle School Chapel Hill NC 
Nothing but rave reviews from the kids and the teachers.  We thoroughly enjoyed the time you spent with us and found your presentation about hard work and good choices to be a perfect reminder of our school's themes.


Tom Quinn Narragansett Pier Middle School, RI 
The kids are STILL talking about the great program and your enthusiastic, wonderful performance!! Thank you for your energy and attitude - we all loved it!


Sherry Allen Gold Hill Middle School SC 
I must  tell you that our students and staff enjoyed the show very much! Thank you!


Janet Rosoff Frelinghuysen Middle School, NJ 
I would like to thank you for coming to our school to perform.  The students loved it and had a great time!  They were really touched by the stories and messages that you and the other dancers had to share. 


Carleena Supp Northfield Middle School NJ
They were an outstanding addition to our school’s annual PEACE Day celebration.  For each of the 45 minute performances, the auditorium was filled with the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement created by the lyrics and choreography of the troupe.  Our students sang and danced in their seats, eagerly anticipating the next moves from the dancers, who did a phenomenal job captivating their attention.  The songs had powerful messages for students of this junior high age group.  Themes of positive self image, risk taking, following individual dreams and goals, as well as teamwork were portrayed.  It was the perfect combination of entertainment and education for both the students and staff.  We all look forward to having this group return to our school in the future!


Joe Pelliccia Dake Junior High, Rochester NY
What a pleasure to have your troupe perform at our school! Thank you for the wonderful show -- I think our 6th graders might rate it as one of the best assemblies I've organized in the past 2 years. We would love to have you back!


Priya MahadevanJack Jouett Middle School VA
Thank you for your performance.  The kids loved it, and I've heard nothing but positive feedback from staff.  It looks likely at this point that I'll want you back next year.


Christian Rothwell Apex Middle School, NC
We were lucky enough to have the J Dance crew at Magothy River Middle School today.  Both the kids and the teachers really enjoyed them!  They were high energy and very talented and had a great message to inspire the children.  The assembly was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend them. They were the talk of the school today.


Cathy Logan,Cultural Arts Coordinator Magothy River Middle School, MD

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